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ESNS – Dutch Artists Recommendations

Selected by Dutch Music Export.

From Wednesday the 17th to Saturday the 20th, the biggest showcase festival in Europe, ESNS, will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands.

During the festival, a line-up of over one hundred Dutch acts will be performing. With so many artists to choose from, Dutch Music Export has curated a selection of Dutch acts for each day that we would like to recommend to you!


Elephant (Indie)


Wednesday // 23:30-00:10


It takes hard work to appear as carefree and unbothered as Elephant does on ‘Shooting for the Moon’. After their acclaimed debut ‘Big Thing’ (2022), the follow-up sees the Rotterdam indie band confronting its own cynicism – armed with irresistible guitar licks, steadfast nonchalance, and lyrics that paint the everyday in a more magical light. For this cautiously hopeful record, the band called in Flemish singer-songwriter Meskerem Mees and producer Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff).

Brintex Collective (Soul & Jazz)

Der AA-Theater

Wednesday // 20:50-21:30


Brintex Collective started out as a Rotterdam three-piece, led by keyboardist Brenn Luiten, then his project slowly grew into a creative collaboration. Now the band consists of 5 to 6 musicians who add color to Brenn's compositions. Inspired by jazz, hip hop, electronic music, the result is a fresh sound that immediately energizes the audience. Brenn calls it UK-influenced jazz music. Debut EP ‘Brintex Collective’ came out in April 2023.


MAURINO (Pop Alternative)


Wed > Thur night // 01:30-02:10


‘Future Latin’ he calls it, tracks drenched in energy and passion; the same energy the Dutchman brings to his live shows. Freed from the constraints of compromise or expectation, MAURINO – who rose to fame with TenTemPiés and Fiesta Macumba – has hit upon a thick, dynamic sound, swirling tropical bass, hip hop, Latin and reggae into a seductive, swaggering brew. In 2024 MAURINO will release his second album with the Calavarita label, produced by Fellow, known from his work with Major Lazer, Buraka Som Sistema en Branko.

Loupe (Indie Rock)


Wednesday // 20:10-20:50


Amsterdam indie rock formation Loupe has the gift of sounding both impulsive and hypnotic, producing a fluid sound in which styles such as synth pop, alternative folk and indie rock are filtered through their chemistry. Debut album ‘Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?’ was praised by press and critics and in July they found a new voice in Nina Ouattara. With the new lineup and fresh music, Loupe is carving out a new creative path starting from spring 2024.

néomí (Pop)

Oosterpoort - Binnenzaal

Wednesday // 16:50-17:02


Lutherse Kerk

Wednesday // 22:50-23:30


néomí is the moniker for folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman. Inspired by classic folk songwriters like Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Bob Dylan and Phoebe Bridgers, she writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes. Writing songs has been a second nature to her since she first picked up the guitar and got accepted at a music college in Amsterdam. Debut EP 'before' was released in 2022 via [PIAS] and follow-up ‘after’ dropped in April 2023. Recent single ‘your girl’ is a pleasant teaser for the long awaited debut album.

Julia Sabaté (Pop)

Oosterpoort - Binnenzaal

Wednesday // 16:30-16:42


Simplon Main

Wednesday // 21:30-22:10


Julia Sabaté invites you on a captivating journey through the depths of passion, emotion and raw feelings. Hailing from a humble town in the Netherlands, yet deeply rooted in her Spanish heritage, she fearlessly sets out on a musical adventure to reconnect with her ancestral roots. Driven by her innate connection to emotions, cherished memories and personal stories, Julia weaves together a compelling blend of pop, electronic and hip hop influences.


The Vices (Indie Rock)


Thursday // 20:15-21:00


The Vices present a contrasting mix of Britpop and surf rock. Imagine Cage The Elephant and The Strokes having a love-child who happens to possess a live-energy that reminds one of the early Chili Peppers. With child-like fun and relentless ambition they can easily play tight and explosive or playful and danceable. This all resulted in their first club tour immediately selling out and Nothing But Thieves taking The Vices through Europe as their support act. Second album ‘Unknown Affairs’ came out in March.

Tramhaus (Alternative)


Thur > Fri // 00:10-00:50


Tramhaus is the ever-expanding and daring postpunk sensation from Rotterdam. In the span of its relatively short existence the band managed to make a name far beyond their hometown. Through their streamlined and fiery songs, the band manages to grasp the audience with an overtly joyous and energetic atmosphere.

Pip Blom (Indie Rock)


Thursday // 21:30-22:10


Hailing from Amsterdam, Pip Blom has been making waves in the indie rock scene with an infectious and energetic sound. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, including grunge, Britpop, and 60s/70s rock, the band creates a unique blend of catchy melodies, gritty guitars, and captivating lyrics. With their dynamic live performances and a string of critically acclaimed releases, Pip Blom has been steadily building a growing group of devoted fans. In 2023 they released acclaimed third album ‘Bobbie’, alongside an electrifying new live set.

Queen's Pleasure (Pop)

Queen's Pleasure is happiest on stage, where the four band members merge into one unstoppable organism. Their debut album saw them in the studio with UK producer Edd Hartwell, but for successor ‘Shy Bairns Get Nowt’ they sought the isolation of the Dutch island Vlieland and recorded the album in nine days with Excelsior Recordings producer, Frans Hagenaars. Everything was recorded live, with the bare minimum of overdubs and embellishments, and what comes out of that is a record of twelve powerful tracks, their most honest music to date.


Lov3less (Pop Alternative)


Friday // 20:10-20:50


Lov3less explores the dark edges of the inner debate between good and evil. She focuses on vulnerability, turning it into her biggest strength, seducing you into her world of sultry pop songs with a raw edge. Too stubborn to commit to one genre or music, the solo artist from Amsterdam presents a wholly contemporary and playful sound.

Nusantara Beat (Indie)


Friday // 17:50-18:10



Friday // 22:50-23:30


Nusantara Beat's commitment to honoring tradition is only part of their mission. They also strive to showcase the immense diversity of Indonesian music and usher it into the future. The group consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Dutch Indonesians who are rediscovering their roots through traditional Indonesian songs from the 60's and 70's. By adding their own innovative twists to the mix, they pay homage to the traditional sounds while introducing a fresh and contemporary perspective.

Sarah Julia (Alternative Indie)


Friday // 14:10-14:30


Grand Theatre Up

Friday // 21:30-22:10


Creatively intertwined since childhood, Rotterdam-raised, Amsterdam-based sisters Sarah Julia began exploring their artistic spirits through theatre and film. However, it is in music where the sisters have come together to find their true home. Inspired by artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief and Joni Mitchell, Sarah Julia create music with both folk and pop influences. Woven through the sisters’ twin vocal harmonies, their live band is an all-female force. It is a source of power, as they navigate the male-dominated music industry.

YĪN YĪN (Alternative)

De Machinefabriek

Friday // 22:50-23:30


Psych rockers YĪN YĪN are on top of the world with ‘Mount Matsu’, their third album and the first that has been co-created by all members of the band. Hailing from the Netherlands’ southernmost city of Maastricht, the group arrived on the scene in 2019 with a Thai psychrock influenced debut album. YĪN YĪN is all about exploring the potential of the psychedelic, danceable South East Asian music from the 60’s and 70’s. Blending disco, funk, electro from all over the world into a - mostly instrumental - unique type of genre. 

Karsu (Pop)


Friday // 20:15-21:00


Karsu is a multi-talented Amsterdammer with Turkish roots. Widely recognised as a major talent, she's backed up by an excellent band, she has a stunning stage presence and a repertoire ranging from jazz and danceable funk to intimate Turkish songs. After the pandemic, Karsu sold out Paradiso, the Royal Concert Hall of Amsterdam, and many other venues around the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey.

Fuse (Pop)

Grand Theatre Up

Friday // 22:50-23:30


With their bold approach to string music, Fuse is a one-to-watch formation on the cutting edge of Dutch musical life, and one of the most succesfull alt-classical ensembles from The Netherlands. Utilizing their signature line-up (a string quartet with double bass and drums) the Amsterdam sextet is able to evolve from their classical and jazz roots, Their upcoming eclectic album Mikrokosmos sets a new mark for the group and was collaboratively created by Fuse and international composers and songwriters such as Bryce Dessner (The National), Miho Hazama (M-Unit/Metropole Orchestra), Gabriel Kahane, Joey Roukens, Gabriella Smith and Morris Kliphuis among others. The result is 12 thrilling, hearthwarming and expressive tracks, challenging the established ideas about contemporary music.


Joost (Hip Hop Electronic)

Oosterpoort Grote zaal - hosted by Buma Stemra

Saturday // 21:30-22:15


World famous artist from Friesland, The Netherlands. Joost Klein fell in love with the internet at a young age and made a name for himself as a YouTuber through a series of absurdist films, before he merged his visual art with his other great love: music. He makes all of his visuals himself. After dropping debut album ‘Albino’ (2019) in collaboration with Tantu Beats, the two dudes became inseparable. The world is a crazy place, but it’s even crazier when Joost Klein en Tantu come together.

Morpheus (Singer-Songwriter)


Saturday // 14:10-14:30


Oosterpoort Bovenzaal

Saturday // 20:15-20:45


With his captivating voice, Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Morpheus makes his debut with the EP 'Morphosis'. His project revolves around telling authentic stories with soulful vocals. With over 750,000 streams, several interviews, and support tours with artists such as Thomas Azier, Naaz, Kovacs and Pitou, there is a buzz around his name. In preparation for his next EP, set to be released early 2024 and produced by Thomas Azier, he is experimenting with classical and orchestral elements along with contemporary productions such as digital beats.

Goldkimono (Pop)

Oosterpoort Grote zaal - hosted by Buma Stemra

Saturday // 18:30-19:15


Goldkimono is a vibe. Sonic vibrations moving through the airwaves to the beat of '90s hip-hop at the speed of island time. Call it a feeling, an aesthetic, or a mood, to Dutch producer/writer/artist Tienus Konijnenburg (co-writer of Kygo’s monsterhit ‘Firestone’), “It’s all energy.” Waves gently washing over the sand, a skateboard wheel hitting the pavement on the Venice Beach boardwalk, steel strings moving against the wood of his guitar - his sound is tangible on this otherworldly groovy debut ‘The Legend Of The Goldkimono’, followed last September by second album ‘Something Out Of Nothing’

ROLROLROL (Soul & Jazz)

Oosterpoort Kunstpunt - hosted by NPO Soul & Jazz

Saturday // 16:00-16:45


Meet ROLROLROL, the new musical brainchild of Jameszoo and Niels Broos. Their debut album ‘MUSIC’ is a joyous exercise in pop, modern jazz and electronic music, a gleeful and quaint celebration of their musical synergy. Building on their extensive collaboration for Jameszoo’s three albums on Brainfeeder and Niels Broos's two EPs for Alpha Pup, ‘MUSIC’ was created over several years with occasional help from friends.

Claude (Pop)

Oosterpoort Kleine zaal

Saturday // 22:45-23:30


Energetic Dutch singer and songwriter Claude is the Netherlands' latest music sensation. The Congo-born artist made an impression at The Voice Kids, and then earned a record deal with Cloud 9 Music through another talent show. His musical inspirations are Lewis Capaldi, Stromae and John Legend, and this mix can be heard in his warm voice and music. Thanks to his multilingual abilities, Claude writes songs in Dutch, French and English. The English-French version of single ‘Ladada’ was released in fifteen countries.

Anna-Rose Clayton (Pop)

Oosterpoort Foyer Grote zaal - hosted by Heineken

Saturday // 19:15-20:00


Anna-Rose Clayton immerses herself in contemporary electro-pop hits and conquers us with her British attitude, golden throat and pop-filled heart. Expect contagious, danceable and heartfelt pop songs, while she adds an edgy twist. Her strong live performances have earned her support slots for artists such as Kae Tempest, RUEL and Carly Rae Jepsen. The Dutch singer sold out Paradiso’s smaller venue and continues to push boundaries with every new release.

SUBFICTION (Electronic)

Oosterpoort Kelder

Saturday // 21:45-22:15


SUBFICTION is both an artist and a guide to absorbing audiovisual worlds. Worlds that consist of organic elements, contaminated by technology, exploring musical landscapes beyond genres. The illusive demolishes every dance floor glitching and switching between melancholic breakbeats, IDM and narrative driven house and hip hop, displaying influences by artists like Aphex Twin, Fred Again and Four Tet as well as Flying Lotus and Iglooghost. SUBFICTION released two EP’s in 2023 and is gearing up for his debut album ‘ENTER’.


Oosterpoort Kleine zaal

Saturday // 20:15-21:00


Amsterdammer Enrique Ebbink, alias QUIQUE, is a talent on the rise. In recent years he has delivered a series of explosive shows, and achieved millions of plays through his mix of Latin pop and hip hop with a melodic flow in both Spanish and Dutch. His Colombian family instilled in him a love for Latin American music such as Latin pop and reggaeton, and the self-proclaimed 'El Colombolandés' will release his long-awaited debut album in spring 2024.

Pol (Indie)

Oosterpoort Marathonzaal

Saturday // 23:00-23:45


Dutch siblings Ruben and Matthijs Pol are bringing back New Wave in 2023, because they find themselves hooked to the frequency and unique allure of the genre. It not only echoes the brothers' creative ideals, but also channels the exhilaration they experience in their fashion endeavours, transmuting it into diverse and compelling forms of expression that go beyond music. Pol released a self-titled debut EP in August, a collection of songs all written and produced by Ruben and Matthijs.

The Indien (Pop Indie)


Saturday // 14:30-14:50


Oosterpoort Binnenzaal

Saturday // 17:45-18:30


The Indien plays with influences from the past, but at its core are lively pop songs with an alternative slant. Tracks are built around Rianne Walther’s soaring vocals - often with stripped back percussion, cinematic layering and guitar-driven melodies. The band from The Hague usually records the musical backbone in a live setting, but a big part of the production takes part in intricate, vibey sessions at home.

Kay Slice (Soul & Jazz)

Oosterpoort Kunstpunt - hosted by NPO Soul & Jazz

Saturday // 20:45-21:30


Kay Slice is Afrofusion: a melting pot of various worlds, energetic, connecting and full of compelling grooves. His music is the result of a search for his true self, through his homeland Ghana, where afrobeat represents the part he knows from the Ghanaian birthdays and the hilife CDs of his father. In his work he embraces himself and thereby focuses the spots on everyone who is also the product of multiple cultures. His mission: to transfer Africa's rich and spiritual cultures to his generation.

Jana Mila (Singer-Songwriter)

Oosterpoort Binnenzaal

Saturday // 16:00-16:45



Jana Mila started writing Americana narrative songs at a young age. She’s inspired by her parents’ record collection (Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell) and her contemporary heroes (Brandi Carlile, Phoebe Bridgers). She wrote her first single ‘When Times Get Rough’ when she was 16, it’s about suffering in silence, gaining trust and protecting one’s vulnerability. It came out on spotify in 2022 and already gained more then 3,5 million listeners. Last year she recorded her debut album in Nashville, with an impressive line up of Nashville based musicians. The album, wich will be released next year, is rooted in contemporary pop weaved together with the soulful storytelling and acoustic textures of Americana.

Enjoy ESNS!


team Dutch Music Export


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