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ESNS [Thursday selection]

Recommended by Dutch Music Export

From Wednesday the 18th till Saturday the 21st the biggest showcase festival of Europe ESNS will be taking place in Groningen, The Netherlands. At the festival part of ESNS, over one hundred Dutch acts will be performing. With so many artists to choose from, Dutch Music Export made a selection of artists we recommend to you!

Thursday 19th of January:


Der AA-Theater // Thursday to Friday night 00:30 - 01:15

As a Ghanaian kid in the South East of Amsterdam, Benjamin ‘Bnnyhunna’ Ankomah discovered how to express himself through music. In church, he learned to play piano, guitar and drums, and this eventually led to him producing for Gaidaa, Rimon and Dolapo, alongside worldwide tours with Jose James, Arp Frique and Yung Nnelg. For his very own and unorthodox message he experiments with photography, videography and poetry, while his music takes in a wide soundscape, heavily influenced by jazz, soul, afro, hip hop and legends like Fela Kuti, Pharrell Williams and John Coltrane.

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1) PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) // 15:50 - 16:10

2) Der AA-Theater // 20:00 - 20:45

After growing up in the Netherlands, Kymara started her music career in England. Her music is a beautiful combination of Nina Simone's storytelling, D'Angelo's soulfulness and the purity and rawness of Janis Joplin. The texts on her 2022 debut EP ‘New Road’ are inspired by long nights with friends and themes like love, self-pity, race, vulnerability, longing, joy and personal growth.

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Smoke // Thursday to Friday night 03:45 - 05:00


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Simplon Main // Thursday to Friday night 23:45 - 00:30

Yīn Yīn; exploring the potentialities of the psychedelic, danceable South East Asian music from the 60’s and 70’s since 2017. Blending disco, funk, electro from all over the world into a unique type of genre.

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Eurosonic Air // 21:50 - 22:35

Critically-acclaimed Dutch act Weval (AKA Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers) arrive on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint with new music. The duo hail from Amsterdam, where they have been cultivating a special sound that balances high energy electronic funk and emotive synth arrangements with bold, beautifully composed melodies and songwriting. In a process of liberation from self-imposed constraints, the duo reinvigorated their creative process with an uninhibited approach. Their new singles (including ‘Never Stay For Love’ featuring Dutch singer-songwriter Eefje de Visser) represent Weval unfiltered.

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Jungle by Night

Eurosonic Air // 23:15 - 00:00

After more than decade of heating up dancefloors across the globe, the boys of Jungle by Night have reached manhood. In the process of creating their 6th album, the nine-piece collective mixed years of passion, friendship, and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and techno together into analogue dance music, fluently speaking the language of their instruments. The band is an oddball ensemble that lives within its own cosmos. A danceable and thundering live act that connects with crowds like no other, with beaming fun and energy along the way.

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Huize Maas Main // Thursday to Friday night 23:45 - 00:30

Goldkimono is a vibe. A frequency, to be more specific. Sonic vibrations moving through the airwaves to the beat of '90s hip-hop at the speed of island time. Call it a feeling, an aesthetic, or a mood, to Dutch producer/writer/artist Tienus Konijnenburg (co-writer of Kygo’s monsterhit ‘Firestone’), “It’s all energy.” Waves gently washing over the sand, a skateboard wheel hitting the pavement on the Venice Beach boardwalk, steel strings moving against the wood of his guitar - the sound of Goldkimono is tangible on his otherworldly groovy debut album ‘The Legend Of The Goldkimono’. This artist is nominated for the Music Moves Europe Awards 2023

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News Cafe // Thursday 20:45 - 21:25

Mazey Haze is the moniker of songwriter, musician and producer Nadine Appeldoorn. Organic, acoustic sounds, her love of French New Wave cinema, Italian film scores and 60s psych-rock inform the vein of nostalgia that runs through her new songs, finding its way back to a distant, subconscious world. All she does is trying to keep authenticity and vulnerability as the conscious foundation for anything she creates. Mazey Haze is always learning, and we’ll be learning with her

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Smoke // Thursday to Friday night 02:15 - 03:15

VISION x ESNS Present || Thys (born Thijs de Vlieger) is a DJ, producer and composer hailing from Groningen, Netherlands. His DJ sets are a reflection of a two-decade-long musical journey that really took off via famous drum ‘n’ bass trio Noisia. He started releasing music solo as Thys in 2017. With razor-sharp and unexpected mixing, Thys blends a multitude of genres and bpms. Expect energetic waves, bold leaps: UK club music and bass music refined with perspectives from all continents.

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Smoke // Thursday to Friday night 00:00 - 01:30


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