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Below you will find all Dutch Music Export regulations.

Do you have a question regarding one of the regulations? Feel free to contact us.

Marketing Regulation

Provides marketing budget for international releases by Dutch artists (in pop, alternative, dance, hip hop).

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Showcase Support

Financial support for Dutch artists that have been booked by a showcase festival (in pop, dance, alternative and hip hop).

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Dance HipHop R&B Depot

Incentive scheme to promote young dance, hip-hop and R&B talent and the surrounding creative ecosystem.

and more...

Structural Multi Year Support

This program offers Dutch artists with international ambitions and a proven international status the opportunity to work on the development and implementation of a strategic plan for market exploration and market expansion abroad.

and more...

Visitors Regulation

Supports some of the travel- and hotel expenses of foreign professionals that are invited to come to the Netherlands to participate in educational or networking activities at Dutch industry events. 


Tour Support Dutch Performing Arts

Dutch artists and performers who play international events can request a subsidy for travel expenses at the Fonds PodiumKunsten’s office. 

Above the Clouds

Starters International Business

The SIB-regulation for Starters International Business. This procedure works with special vouchers for the individual coaching of entrepreneurs.

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