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What does Dutch Music Export do?

Find out what we are doing.


Dutch Music Export is an initiative by Fonds Dutch Performing Arts, Buma Cultuur and Stichting Popcoalitie, created with the core mission of highlighting and strengthening the international status of Dutch pop music around the world in substantial and measurable ways.


Dutch Music Export has a structured and sustainable plan of action in place that supports internationally active and accomplished Dutch artists, songwriters, producers and DJs who are considered viable for both mainstream and niche markets within pop-, dance-, alternative-, HipHop/R&B- and rock-genres.


Strengthening the international position of Dutch pop music within the global music sector can be seen as direct market expansion, increase in professionalism by Dutch artists and their teams, increase in professional cooperations, more annual turn-over of the artists and increasing quality of Dutch pop music in the important focus-markets.


Dutch Music Export’s activities and regulations comprise of:

  • Providing information and education for Dutch artists, music professionals and music companies;

  • A marketing regulation with marketing budgets for international releases by Dutch pop artists;

  • Showcase support regulation, providing financial support for Dutch artists playing International showcase events;

  • A ‘Structural Support Regulation’ for 2-year periods. More information about this regulation follows later this year;

  • Intervision sessions in which the participating acts and their representation exchange knowledge and experience, and where parties advise and support each other;

  • Continuous close cooperation with the Dutch embassy’s and consulates abroad, with regard to the exchange of international knowledge and network;

  • Collective promotion of Dutch artists at leading international music conventions and showcase festivals;

  • Collective promotion through the use of the ‘Visitors Regulations’, whereby foreign professionals are invited to share knowledge, expertise and network during Dutch showcase festivals, conferences and education sessions;

  • The realisation of a dance-depot aimed at removing financial barriers to enable creative international collaborations, leading to the flow/development of new young dance talent. More information about this regulation will follow later this year.

Ensuring Integrity


Dutch Music Export realizes its mission and objectives in a sustainable and responsible manner, ensuring both governance and artistic integrity. Dutch Music Export applies the Cultural Governance Code, the Fair Practice Code, and the Cultural Diversity Code, actively contributing to the social dialogue on fair compensation and treatment in the music sector.

Dutch Music Export strives to promote cultural diversity and market access through its work, regardless of the size, origin, or type of music, and will support initiatives in the music sector, the broader cultural sector, and beyond.

Dutch Music Export will also pursue these principles with collaborating partners.

To support this vision and bring about change, Dutch Music Export gives special attention to the following initiatives:

  • Mapping examples of best practices and sharing them, whether they are local campaigns or other projects that promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Implementing relevant programs from social organizations and industry associations to ensure that Dutch Music Export and its stakeholders overcome structural barriers and diversify, aiming for long-term structural change.

  • Producing guidelines for participants in Dutch Music Export programs regarding the elimination of bias and consciously choosing to collaborate with external global partners in artist promotion.

  • Promoting equality and diversity in job vacancies and intern payment.

  • Supporting relevant initiatives in the music sector that use the power of music and culture as catalysts for social change.

  • Informing stakeholders about (EU) funding for diversity projects and providing support in applying for funding for relevant projects that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Adopting a sustainable approach to activities and being mindful of the impact on the climate.

  • Following the guideline that travel destinations within a 600 km radius of the Netherlands should be reached by train or car, avoiding air travel.

  • Collaborating with artists and music professionals to explore realistic opportunities for offsetting CO2 emissions from frequent international air travel by supporting climate-related charitable projects.

The supervisory board oversees the aforementioned objectives and activities.

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