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Dutch artists at The Great Escape Festival 2024

From Wednesday the 15th till Saturday the 18th The Great Escape (Festival + Conference) will be taking place in Brighton, England.

Find all the info about the 'Dutch Music Export Showcase' and Dutch artists performing below.

  Dutch Music Export Showcase

This Friday, the 17th of May, Dutch Music Exports organises the 'Dutch Music Export Showcase' at the Patterns (Downstairs) venue in Brighton.

Join us and discover the four incredible Dutch artists Loupe, Sarah Julia, néomí, Nusantara Beat.

Doors open at 12.00pm

Address: Patterns (Downstairs) Venue, 10 Marine Parade, Kemptown, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 1TL

  Dutch Artists playing at The Great Escape 2024

PIP BLOM (Indie Rock)


May 17 // 9:15pm



May 18 // 2:30pm


Pip Blom is a Dutch indie band from Amsterdam. The band is named after lead singer Pip Blom. The band has released three full-length albums. Their first album titled Boat was released in 2019. In 2021, Pip Blom released their second full-length album titled Welcome Break. The album received positive reviews.




May 17 // 9:30pm


Marathon is not just a band, it’s a top-level sport. The Amsterdam-based trio is bursting with energy, and it explodes out of them on stage, captivating audiences everywhere they go. Marathon’s music is a passionate response to the crisis-ridden twenty-first century, channelling the energy of punk and the dissonance of shoegaze and post-punk to give voice to urban anxiety. Marathon is a band that demands attention, and their growing fan base is a testament to their undeniable talent.


FRÄULEIN (Alternative Rock)


May 17 // 12:30am

Fräulein is a Northern Irish / Dutch duo currently based out of SW London. Cathartic 90’s flavoured alt rock influenced by the likes of The Breeders, PJ Harvey and Big Thief, whilst incorporating cavernous grooves and sharply observational lyrics. With raucous shows supporting The Mysterines, Big Joanie, Nova Twins, Sprints and JOHN under their belts, the band have a debut mini album due for release in Spring 2024.


LOUPE (Indie Rock)


May 17 // 12:30pm



May 18 // 9:15pm


Amsterdam-Antwerp indie rock formation Loupe has the unique gift of sounding both impulsive and hypnotic: a fluid sound in which styles such as synth pop, alternative folk and indie rock are expressed through their unique chemistry. The smooth, aerodynamic grooves of Annemarie, the melodic basslines of Lana and the dynamic, virtuoso playing of Abel form a kind of secret language. The recent addition of singer Nina Ouattara gives Loupe a unique voice to push the band towards a new creative path; the new single Tested Waters sounds both effortlessly groovy and intricate at the same time, and combines dark, moody lyrics with memorable sing-along hooks.


SARAH JULIA (Alternative Indie)


May 17 // 1:30pm



May 17 // 9:15pm


Creatively intertwined since childhood, Rotterdam-raised, Amsterdam-based sister duo Sarah Julia began exploring their artistic spirits at a young age through theatre and film. However, it is in music where the sisters have come together to find their true home.

Inspired by a variety of artists (including Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief and Joni Mitchell), Sarah Julia create music that considers both folk and pop influences with the use of their songwriting and sonics. Woven through the sisters’ two vocals in considered harmony.

“After years spent telling other people’s stories, it’s time to share our own…


NÉOMÍ (Folk Pop)


May 16 // 7:15pm



May 17 // 2:30pm


néomí is the moniker for folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman who writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes inspired by the classic songwriters, old and new alike. Her main influences stem between Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, boygenius and hero Ben Howard. The Dutch/Surinamese songstress finds herself on the cusp of releasing her debut album ‘somebody’s daughter’ on May 3rd, 2024. The album’s themes follow néomí’s journey through adolescence, young adulthood and newly found womanhood. ‘somebody’s daughter’ presents 11 chapters in néomí’s coming of age story which follows a young woman’s journey through trust, love, and ultimately self-healing through reflection.


NUSANTARA BEAT (Alternative Indie)


May 16 // 9:15pm



May 17 // 3:30pm

Nusantara Beat, the six-piece band hailing from Amsterdam, is quickly becoming a must-see act. With a deep connection to their Indonesian roots and a passion for honoring their cultural heritage, Nusantara Beat brings a fresh and modern take on traditional Indonesian music.

Nusantara Beat creates a unique sound that blends traditional Indonesian songs from the 20th century with their own style and creativity. The result is a mesmerizing mix of tropical and mystical sounds that take the audience on a journey to the land of their ancestors.

But Nusantara Beat isn’t just about honoring tradition. They also strive to showcase the rich diversity of Indonesian music and take it into the future. With their music, they pay tribute to traditional sounds while bringing their own innovative twists to the mix.

The bands first single got airplay on FIP Radio. The band played Beaches Brew (IT) Dekmantel (NL) and Lowlands (NL) festival among others.


Enjoy The Great Escape!


team Dutch Music Export


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