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How to be successful and (more) professional in LA

Following our session with Buma Music in Motion, Ownors, NBSO LA, we are back with the second session of NL Media Music in LA. This time, we will be joined by the amazing Gary Gray who’ll tell you all about walking the walk in LA (and beyond). Gary Gray is a renowned award-winning composer, producer, engineer and Voting Member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

During this session, Gary will pass on his knowledge as a go-to mentor who specializes in Music Production for Licensing, while also sharing outcomes of his scientific research of music, sound, psychoacoustics and sonic illusions. He will pay close attention to these topics, but will also touch ground on how to survive and thrive in LA (and beyond), the basics of creating mixing magic and an in-depth explanation of the number one challenge for every musician, composer, producer and engineer: the low end (and how to nail your low end every single time).

You can join Gary’s masterclass on October 28 at 18:00 h – 19:15 h CEST

Gary Gray (composer, producer, US)

Gary Gray is an award winning composer, producer, engineer and Voting Member of the Grammy Recordings Academy, who writes, produces, mixes and masters in all genres of music. He’s produced multiple projects for 20th Century Fox, Disney, Hollywood Records, A&E, EMI, CBS and many others.

Gary grew up as a prodigy drummer and after arriving in Hollywood, his first job was playing drums for Berry Gordy at Motown Records in Los Angeles.

Next to creating music, he has always enjoyed ‘both sides of the desk’ in the music business and used this marketing savvy as advertising and promotions manager. He knows how to walk the walk and is also widely regarded as an exceptional mentor in the industry following in the footsteps of his own mentors: Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones, Jermaine Jackson and Phil Collins.

Considering himself mainly a researcher employing the Scientific Method to sound, music, psycho-acoustics and sonic illusions, he conducted a 5,800 hour research study into the similarities and differences between analog and digital recording, mixing and mastering.

Gary is the Founder and CEO of a revolutionary Music Licensing Company which is scheduled to launch before the end of 2021: Transcend Entertainment And Music (TEAM). Gary also founded a revolutionary apprenticeship program for music production, open to anyone with a computer or smartphone internationally:


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