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March 14 – SXSW 2023

Dutch artists performing in Austin and ADE Club Night

From Monday the 13th till Saturday the 18th SXSW Music Festival will be taking place in Austin, Texas.

Today many Dutch artists are performing in Austin and kanaal40 x Echobox Radio is hosting a Club Night filled with DJs. Find all practical information about the performances and ADE Club Night below.

ADE Club Night – kanaal40 x Echobox Radio

Practical information:

Date : March 14

Time : 8.00pm till 3.00 am

Location : Coconut Club


ADE in collaboration with kanaal40 and Echobox Radio has put a line-up together of NL artist that they will be bringing to Austin, Texas.

Follow Echobox Radio via the button below to stay updated about their activities in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2023.

All Dutch artists performing today


Kuduro / Bubbling / Amapiano

Coconut Club

March 14 // 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Formerly at Garage Noord club and now behind the scenes of the Amsterdam 40 brand moves bk owusu in harmony with his eclectic dj moniker djboom. As an artist he draws most of his inspiration from his own trajectory as an afro diaspora kid navigating a niche Amsterdam clubscene. In recent years contemporary music videos from across the globe have become the centre for a lot of his work, creating playlists for, but also by drawing inspiration from them for his dj-sets ranging from easy listening sets to highly danceable clubworks. Expect at least an ecstatic blend of rough kuduro, club, bubbling, (dark) amapiano, and more.

Nala Brown

House / Techno / Electro

Coconut Club

March 14 // 9:30pm — 11:00pm

Born, raised and based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Nala Brown has been cultivating a sound that explores different genres without any restrictions. Her persistence throughout the years have shown to be fruitful, having made her debut at Dekmantel, Boiler Room and Panorama Bar for CTM Festival not too long ago. She also has a radio show on Oroko Radio, called “Ba Pa Geita”, where she explores her Cape Verdean roots and is part of Rotterdam collective AMPFEMININE, which aims to add a lovely variety of color in nightlife.


Afro Electronics

Coconut Club

March 14 // 11:00pm — 12:00am

WaxFiend aka Wes Lee has been active as a DJ and event organizer for almost 2 decades. Known for his notorious Dancehall and HipHop sets he has played most important clubs/festivals in NL and enjoys regular gigs in Asia and the rest of Europe. Exploring the electronic realm under the alias Wes Lee he played Lentekabinet, De School and is responsible for importing african electronic sounds to The Netherlands

The Vices


Half Step

March 15 // 12:00am — 12:40am

The Vices bring a contrasting mix of britpop and surf rock. Imagine Cage The Elephant and The Strokes having a love-child who happens to possess a live-energy that reminds one of the early Chili Peppers. Those are some big names, but above all The Vices always stay true to themselves. With child-like fun and relentless ambition they can easily play tight and explosive or playful and danceable. This all resulted in their first club tour in early 2022 immediately selling out and Nothing But Thieves taking The Vices along as their support act to the big stages of Europe.


Funk / R&B / Electronic

Coconut Club

March 15 // 12:00am — 1:00am

Giovanni Jano, better known as JAEL, is a Moluccan recording artist, producer, DJ and vocalist from The Netherlands. Growing up in a musical household, surrounded by Moluccan Folk and Gospel, Soul, Funk and Japanese Funk, JAEL’s upbringing plays a huge part in his distinctly energetic performance style. Through a vibrant combination of genres, highly skilled live performance and the incorporation of his own productions, JAEL is able to put on a show unlike others.

Iguana Death Cult

Garage Punk / Psychedelia

Chess Club

March 15 // 1:00am — 1:50am

Rotterdam-based fivesome Iguana Death Cult initially made their mark with giddy, hard-hitting garage punk and a miasma of acid-drenched psychedelics, only to blossom into an all-embracing unit that implements frameworks of post-punk, krautrock, new wave, soul and disco. The band’s sophomore album Nude Casino, which came out October 25, 2019 on LA imprint Innovative Leisure (who signed them after seeing them at SXSW 2019), holds aloft a more cerebral and absurdist side of their songwriting.

mad miran

Electro / IDM / Breakcore

Coconut Club

March 15 // 1:00am — 2:00am

“A child of the Dutch underground, mad miran has been on an exceptional rise of late. Her mastery behind the decks shows as she smoothly moves between electro, bass music, IDM, dubstep, electronics and breakcore throughout her sets. An infectious energy behind the decks that truly manifests it on any dance floor she takes control over. Her infinite love for obscurities have left many prowling for tracks played, as her sets tend to be a adventure through leftfield novelties and obscurities deeply rooted in 90s rave.

Parrish Smith

Punk Electronics

Coconut Club

March 15 // 2:00am — 3:00am

no elitism, no prejudices, no 4/4, no genre, hypnotic, tense, comprehensible, a state of mind

Whilst captivating audiences with music that is both intense and hypnotic, Parrish Smith embarks on a rather successful journey of creating spaces where walls are torn down and prejudices are non-existent.

During this unique venture into the broad spectrum of electronica, Smith is able to display his take on various layers of electronic music with extreme perceptive subtlety.

Enjoy SXSW!


team Dutch Music Export


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