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  Dance Hiphop R&B Depot  

About the Dance Hiphop R&B Depot

The strong position of the Dutch dance scene is under pressure worldwide and competition from abroad is increasing. In addition, hip-hop and R&B are on the rise and there are more and more opportunities for artists in these genres outside our national borders. To prevent opportunities from being missed, the creative ecosystem and the breeding ground for young talent from being exhausted, Dutch Music Export is realising the Dance Hiphop R&B Depot.

In order to stimulate the position of Dutch dance, hip-hop and R&B, Dutch Music Export wants to focus more on young talent over the next two years. By removing financial blockages and creating creative, international collaboration, a new flow of talent can be initiated. This bandwagon effect will be given an incubation period of two years, during which talents will be supported creatively and professionally by Dutch Music Export during a certain period in boosting their international career.


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