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About Starters International Business

SIB is an abbreviation of  ‘Starters International Business’, a regulation employed by the RVO-service of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, aimed specifically at small and medium firms in the Netherlands (MKB) with international ambitions. (representatives of) pop acts, DJs and performers all fall under this regulation, but only if they position themselves as a formal legal entity. The SIB regulation offers several possibilities, ‘individual coaching’ being one of the more relevant and interesting options.

As an impresario or manager of a pop act/artist/DJ, you can request vouchers when you have substantial international activities an network in place (for example, a recent or future showcase at one of the international events or an upcoming international release). RVO will estimate whether you fit the criteria.


To see if you meet these criteria, it’s best to contact the SIB-chairman ( at Buma Cultuur in advance. He will explain all the possibilities, how to request a voucher (this can only be done through an RVO-appointed Buma Cultuur coach) and the subsequent steps to take.


In short: with a voucher you can hire the professional coach of your choice for a specified number of hours. These coaching hours will be paid for by the voucher. Your coach will provide expertise and guidance on how to meet your international ambitions

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