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DME & IMCJ Music Market Mission Tokyo 2023

Following the collaboration announced in 2021 between Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ) and DME, partly supported by the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo and Stichting Onafhankelijke Muziekproducenten (STOMP), DME organises the first Music Market Mission to Tokyo (Japan) from Monday the 6th till Thursday the 9th of November.

The second largest market for music in the world.

Japan is – after the US – the largest market for music in the world. The Netherlands is also in the top 10 of largest markets for music in the world. To create more chances market expansion between the two countries, IMCJ and DME, also supported by STOMP, decided to join forces as early as November 2021 through an extensive multi-year collaboration program between Dutch and Japanese artists, music professionals and producers.

As a result of this collaboration, a number of Dutch and Japanese artists and producers have collaborated in the past year and a half, of which the results are now becoming visible. The second step of the collaboration is the mission to Tokyo in November 2023.

Music Market Mission

The mission consists of an extensive network program and a showcase event. The network program will be taking place at the Dutch embassy in Tokyo. Dutch managers and music professionals can participate in daily networking meetings with Japanese music professionals (labels, agents, managers, sync agents, etc.). The program also offers space for a number of group visits to Japanese music companies and we also provide support in organising one-on-one conversations with our Japanese colleagues. DME will take care of the organisation of the program and cover a part of the travel and accommodation expenses. Limited spots for Dutch professionals available.

Showcase event

The showcase event will be taking place in the evening of Thursday the 9th of November and will also be the closing event of of the Music Market Mission. At the even Japanese and Dutch acts will be performing for 30 minutes each. Two to three Dutch artists will be invited to participate in this event. The selection of the line-up is in collaboration with IMCJ. DME will take care of the organisation of the showcase and cover a part of the travel and accommodation expenses of the participating acts.

Sign up

If you are interested in participating in the Music Market Mission to Japan or would like to apply as an artists, please send an email to

Applications close the 1st of June 2023


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