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Reeperbahn Festival 2023

Dutch Music Export at Reeperbahn Festival 2023 in Hamburg, Germany.

From Wednesday the 20th till Saturday the 23rd Reeperbahn Festival (Festival + Conference) will be taking place in Hamburg, Germany.

Find all the info about the 'Dutch Impact Party' and Dutch artists performing below.

Dutch Impact Party

Next weeks Thursday the 21st, Dutch Music Export hosts their own 'Dutch Impact Party,' showcasing seven amazing artists from The Netherlands.

Join us and discover the incredible Dutch artists Luna Morgenstern, Someone, Loupe, The Vices, Goldkimono, Baby's Berserk and Tramhaus.

Doors open at 13:00

All Dutch artists performing at Reeperbahn Festival

Luna Morgenstern


1) Molotow / Backyard

Thursday // 13:30

2) Prinzenbar

Thursday // 19:30

While the early 2000s were unfolding in all their glorious cultural diversity after the turn of the millennium, Luna Morgenstern was in the midst of her school days and had the Eurodance of the time ready to go in her Discman. ATC, Vengaboys, The Dome, and Bravo Hits left their mark not only on her, but also on an entire generation. Today, the Eurodance era is experiencing a revival, and Morgenstern is right in the centre of it. With her new EP, “Dance Dance (Don’t Go)”, the Cologne native – who now lives in Amsterdam – tackles the sound of the Y2K aesthetic and gives it a thorough update. The physical beats are now joined by autotune vocals, a richer production, and last but not least, the difficult coming-of-age themes that Morgenstern addresses, speaking from the soul of Gen Z. It’s about self-doubt and toxic jealousy, about sexualised violence and the need to modernise things, but also about the happiness of being alive – topics that can easily and sometimes perhaps better be dealt with using a danceable 4/4 beat. Empowerment flirts on the dance floor with hyperpop, out of which Morgenstern makes her very own thing.



1) Molotow / Backyard

Thursday // 14:30

2) Imperial Theater

Saturday // 21:45

Form-perfect shape-shifting? What seems like a contradiction is Tessa Rose Jackson’s creative credo, with which she designed her debut album, “Orbit II” (2020), as well as its successor, “Shapeshifter”. The British–Dutch composer, producer, and visual artist wanders in the ethereal spaces of neo-psychedelia, dream pop, and songwriter folk, manoeuvring her voice like a sailor in the sea of postmodern influences. For years, not only her fans, but also feuilletons all over Europe have been delighted by the ingenuity and playful versatility that Jackson displays under her modest alias, Someone. Her new album, “Owls”, can also be understood as a further step towards a musical language that is entirely her own, is in flux,and is subject to constant metamorphoses. And nevertheless, this woman seems to have already reached an artistic maturity that knows how to congenially formulate every idea andevery new direction.



1) Molotow / Backyard

Thursday // 15:30

2) Headcrash

Thursday // 19:40

Questions about tomorrow, about what will be and what could be – these are the things we all ask ourselves time and again. With their 2023 debut album, “Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?”, Loupe hauntingly dedicate themselves to a complex of themes that are difficult to put into words and even more difficult to put into music. Nevertheless, the quartet from Amsterdam succeed with remarkable ease at highly original and diverse song-writing that sounds at once spontaneous and completely well-thought-out. Transitions between songs are viewed as opportunities to fill the album with poetry. Stories about growing up, about the rapids and standstills of life, and about arriving in the big city are translated into soulful lyrics by singer Julia Korthouwer. In addition, Lana Kooper’s bass cuddles up with the creative drum rhythms of Annemarie van den Born, and Jasmine van der Waal’s guitar brings one sun-drenched hook after the other to life. The fact that the four musicians have been playing together closely for years is evident on each track. The group have the right sound for the summer, for the beginning of new phases of life, and for reflecting on what used to be.

The Vices


1) Molotow / Backyard

Thursday // 16:30

Combining the live energy of the early Red Hot Chili Peppers, the euphoric groove of early 2000s Britpop and the laid-back vibe of surf-rock hey-days, The Vices have created a highly combustible blend of styles like no other. Little wonder that they immediately sold out their first club tour and were then taken by Nothing But Thieves to support them on their European tour. The quartet effortlessly shifts between reggae-inspired club hits like "The Neighbour Is A Bitch" and the jangly indie sound of "At Least That's What They're Saying" without sacrificing a millimetre of their recognisability. On the new album "Unknown Affairs", which came out this March, the band has managed to fine-tune all the ingredients of their music – from the playful guitars to the reduced drums and the inspiring vocals. Everything is set to catapult The Vices onto the radar of style-conscious indie connoisseurs – at the very latest after they've played this year’s festival.



1) Molotow / Club

Thursday // 14:00

2) Spielbude XL

Thursday // 19:00

Martijn “Tienus” Konijnenburg has actually been active in the music business for more than a decade. With the band Leaf, he released the hit “Wonderwoman” in 2007 without any support from social media. Later, he wrote songs for Dutch acts such as Anouk, Diggy Dex, and VanVelzen and then helped Kygo’s track “Firestone” reach international success. Having learned all the ropes in terms of production and sound design, Konijnenburg moved to the USA – or more precisely, to California. His touchdown in LA once again fuelled the Dutchman’s creative energy. In the jungle of the City of Angels, a mixture of nostalgic pop vibes from ‘98 emerged that fused with hip-hop, indie, and the lightness of a reggae tune shaken loose from the sleeve. Goldkimono was born and headed back home with his debut, “The Legend Of Goldkimono” (2022). It didn’t even take half a year before the Netherlands celebrated him as a new and promising songwriter.

Baby's Berserk

Electronic / Live

1) Molotow / Club

Thursday // 15:00

2) Molotow / Karatekeller

Thursday // 23:45

There are no one-size-fits-all formulas for fusing live bands and club music. Many have tried, but most have failed. Baby’s Berserk, on the other hand, have found ways to master the creative balancing act between disco sounds, post-punk, and Caribbean calypso since the very beginning of their career. With an impetuous stage presence, the quartet from Amsterdam have been blowing up the venues of the Dutch cultural metropolis for years and have earned a loyal community of fans all on their own. Loved and promoted by the tastemakers at the Geneva label Bongo Joe, Baby’s Berserk have proven to be confidently experimental on their singles thus far when it comes to combining different styles and forms of presentation. The visual aspects of their performances – such as the lighting and fashion – therefore also play a supporting role in the band’s conceptual presentation. If songs such as “Toxic Kisses” and the hypnotic-chaotic “Wartime” are soon followed by an equally strong album, Baby’s Berserk surely promises to go through the roof in Germany, as well. And you can hear them first with us.



1) Molotow / Club

Thursday // 16:00

2) Headcrash

Wednesday // 19:40

No plans, no ambitions, just pure passion for handmade music: Tramhaus have only been burning through stages in and around Rotterdam for about two years, but they are already considered a safe bet for those searching for post-punk of the fucked-up variety. With their “Roodkapje Sessions” last year, the five-piece group caused an outcry in the pulsating music scene of the port city and shortly afterwards released their first studio EP, “Rotterdam”, on the renowned underground label Subroutine. The formula of songs such as the resigned “Make It Happen” and the furious “Long Ago” is as simple as it is effective: Observations of social realities are processed in biting lyrics, guitars and bass lie in waiting for the big climax, and when the drums give the signal, everything goes up in flames. Tramhaus know how to build up arcs of tension and tear them down again with tremendous laughter. Live on stage, they are a sweaty feast for every punk enthusiast.

Enjoy Reeperbahn Festival!


team Dutch Music Export


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